A House Divided (1931) – Walter Huston Stars in Early Talkie from William Wyler

A House Divided 1931

This early talkie from legendary director William Wyler stars Walter Huston as the father of meek Kent Douglass, who falls in love with Dad’s mail-order bride, Helen Chandler. Excellent work from Huston as always with surprising heat and chemistry from the two young co-stars.

James Cagney is Jimmy the Gent (1934)


James Cagney stars in Warner Bros. fast-paced Jimmy the Gent (1934), made all the faster by Cagney’s own frenzied performance. Bette Davis co-stars in an underwhelming role while Alan Dinehart excels in his part as rival “Heir Chaser.” Directed by Michael Curtiz and also featuring Allen Jenkins and Alice White.

Majestic’s The Sin of Nora Moran (1933) Starring Zita Johann

Zita Johann in The Sin of Nora Moran Still Photo

The Sin of Nora Moran may have come from Poverty Row but it is years ahead of its time. The 1933 film makes heavy use of flashback to enhance several twists in this life and death story of a female prisoner on Death Row. Starring Zita Johann of The Mummy and directed by Phil Goldstone. Don’t be put off by the lack of big names or major studio logo, The Sin of Nora Moran lives up to the high standards set by its acclaimed promotional poster.

TCM Preview July 2014 – A Look Inside My Now Playing Guide

Maureen O'Hara 1955 Kane Products Trading Card

TCM recommendations for July 2014 with emphasis on the Golden Age titles showing on Turner Classic Movies throughout the month. Maureen O’Hara is Star of the Month but I like the World War I spotlight best this month. Plus birthdays for Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck, James Cagney, even C. Aubrey Smith and additional marathons of Kay Francis and Mae West movies.