Vivacious Lady (1938) Starring Ginger Rogers and James Stewart

Ginger Rogers and James Stewart

RKO’s Vivacious Lady doesn’t have much of a story, but Ginger Rogers and James Stewart are in love, so who cares? A look at the comedy classic directed by George Stevens for the James Stewart Blogathon.

Remembering Mickey Rooney (1920-2014) on Screen, Especially 1937-1944

Mickey Rooney 1951 Artisti del Cinema Trading Card

Remembering Mickey Rooney with a look at his peak years. From Andy Hardy to Boys Town and the Judy Garland pairings. Plus previewing TCM’s April 13 tribute to Rooney.

Our Blushing Brides (1930) Caps Joan Crawford Trilogy

Joan Crawford and Robert Montgomery

No longer the wild Jazz Baby, Joan Crawford is cautious to the point of being a drag in Our Blushing Brides (1930), third movie of a loose MGM trilogy starring Crawford. Also starring Robert Montgomery, Anita Page and Dorothy Sebastian.

TCM Preview April 2014 – Plus Blogathons; Odds and Ends

John Wayne 1940s era 5x7 Fan Photo

TCM preview and recommendations for April 2014 with emphasis on the Golden Age titles showing on Turner Classic Movies throughout the month. John Wayne is Star of the Month and there are marathons dedicated to Marie Prevost and Lionel Barrymore. Plus other site odds and ends.

TCM Tally by Decade – 2014

Tally Marks

A decade by decade count of the movies TCM plays each month throughout 2014. Do they play more 1960s movies than 1930s movies? The tally will tell over time. Updated through March 31.

Gentleman’s Fate (1931) Starring John Gilbert and Louis Wolheim as Unlikely Brothers

John Gilbert and Louis Wolheim

Gentleman’s Fate (1931) is an MGM gangster effort overshadowed by the relationship between the John Gilbert and Louis Wolheim characters. Directed by Mervyn LeRoy with good work from Anita Page as well.

More Historical Movie Star “Deaths in Threes”

Robert Ames 1930s Picturegoer Postcard

Over fifty years of “Death in Threes” collecting original reports of Hollywood star trios who died close in time. Coverage from 1931 to 1982.

Winner Take All (1932) from Warner Archive’s Latest Wave of James Cagney

James Cagney in Winner Take All

James Cagney stars as boxer Jimmy Kane in Winner Take All, a 1932 Warner Bros. release. This post takes a look at the Rocky II-like double knockdown from the film in order to revisit its inspiration, a real-life 1912 lightweight title fight. Also starring Marian Nixon and Virginia Bruce.

I Married a Doctor (1936) Attempts to Update Main Street

Pat OBrien and Josephine Hutchinson

Main Street by Sinclair Lewis was published in 1920. In 1936 Warner Bros. attempted to update the Lewis story with I Married a Doctor, starring Josephine Hutchinson and Pat O’Brien. The movie is entertaining but it is no Main Street choosing to focus more on the love angle than it does Carol’s battle against the small town.

TCM Preview March 2014 – A Look Inside My Now Playing Guide

Mary Astor in Dodsworth

TCM preview and recommendations for March 2014 with emphasis on Golden Age titles showing on Turner Classic Movies throughout the month. Mary Astor Star of the Month with daytime birthday marathons dedicated to Betty Compson and Louis Wolheim.