Lightning Review: A Lost Lady (1934) Starring Barbara Stanwyck

lightning reviews

Lightning reviews are first impressions of movies I’ve yet to research for more detailed articles. Unlike my more polished full reviews there is little to no research here; sparse images and links; a more relaxed writing style. These are movies I’d love to eventually cover with a more fully developed article, but until time permits, […]

Barbara Stanwyck Day on TCM Summer Under the Stars 2014

Barbara Stanwyck 1940s 4x5 Souvenir Photo

I stepped away from a review I was working on and took a couple of hours late Monday night to clean up a (mostly) biographical post that I wrote about Barbara Stanwyck back when she was TCM’s Star of the Month in December 2012. A link follows: Barbara Stanwyck, Biographical Beginnings to Baby Face and […]

Gambling Lady (1934) for the Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon

Claire Dodd and Barbara Stanwyck

Gambling Lady is a Warner Brothers’ quickie starring Barbara Stanwyck that was released just a few months ahead of Production Code enforcement. Despite running just a little over an hour it seems to invite every contract player on the lot, and then some, to pop in for a few minutes and earn their paychecks. The […]

Barbara Stanwyck, Biographical Beginnings to Baby Face and Beyond

Barbara Stanwyck Early 1930s Warner Brothers Press Photo

This originally posted when Barbara Stanwyck was Star of the Month on Turner Classic Movies in December 2012. Ruby Catherine Stevens was born in Brooklyn, NY, July 16, 1907. Her mother died when she was four and her father abandoned the five kids pretty much right after that. Older sister Mildred was a showgirl. She […]

Safe in Hell (1931), Talkie Triumph for Tough Dorothy Mackaill

Dorothy Mackaill in Safe in Hell

Safe in Hell put me on a Dorothy Mackaill kick. I’m sure it’s done the same for others and thanks to the Warner Archive we can now more immediately fulfill the craving. I’ve watched several Mackaill talkies over the past few months and while she elevates everything I’ve seen her in, none of the other […]

First Impressions of TCM’s Barbara Stanwyck Pre-Code Mini Marathon

Barbara Stanwyck Cigirillos Okey Card

So what did you think of the Stanwyck movies on Friday night? I hadn’t seen any of those four movies before and while none of them absolutely knocked my socks off each of them was well worth taking the time to watch. The last of the four movies, Frank Capra’s Forbidden (1932), stood out amongst […]