Gambling Lady (1934) for the Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon

Claire Dodd and Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck plays honestly in Gambling Lady (1934), even when she has to overcome her husband’s former flame, Claire Dodd. With Joel McCrea and Pat O’Brien. Directed by Archie Mayo for Warner Brothers, 1934.

Barbara Stanwyck TCM Star of the Month December 2012

Barbara Stanwyck 1935 Carreras Tobacco Card

A biography of Barbara Stanwyck, the December 2012 TCM Star of the Month, including the complete TCM schedule, rare Stanwyck quotes, origins of her name questioned, the importance of BABY FACE (1933) and images of vintage Stanwyck collectibles.

Safe in Hell (1931), Talkie Triumph for Tough Dorothy Mackaill

Gilda comes out to play

Safe in Hell (1932) nearly starred Barbara Stanwyck, but no matter as Dorothy Mackaill makes the part her own. A bit about the film and what happened to this otherwise forgotten star.