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Interviews with Classic Film Writers:

These are a few of my favorite posts on the entire site. I read a book, somehow make contact with the author and then have the gall to ask them if I can shoot some questions over about their work. I want more of these.

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  • Again, I want more of these--if you have anything classic film related published in book form feel free to get a hold of me for an interview post like those above. I do have to actually read your book to do this, so be sure to have a copy ready to send me if it's something I don't already own.


    Thanks for the Kind Words!

    "Immortal Ephemera! Loaded with great reviews, articles and interviews (such as with Laura Wagner). Congratulations of such a wonderful site for classic movie lovers." - Charles Tranberg, author of books on Agnes Moorehead, Marie Wilson, Fred MacMurray and the Thin Man Films.


    Classic Movie Book Reviews:

    This section needs to be bulked up, I really thought I was covering more classic film related books that this! It shall be remedied and this text shall then be changed.

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    Cliff's Video Reviews:

    I've got to be in the right mood to do one of these, plus have a clean shirt and not too much of a beard. I'm terribly inconsistent in creating videos, though if you ever see a new one pop up be ready for a few more to immediately follow before I tire of the format again.


    Other Immortal Ephemera Book Coverage:

    These posts could be just about anything book related: non-film books, biographical posts heavily sourced from film books, books about collectibles, really anything book related that doesn't fit in any of the groupings specified above.