Classic Movie Star Biographies

All of the Classic Movie Star biographies and profiles on Immortal Ephemera from one place. Sorted alphabetically by first name.

This first section indexes all classic movie star biographies authored by yours truly. Most of these were written from 2009 to present, some of them are quite long.

Some are centered around a book review, some part of a larger series, some perhaps even in the form of an obituary, but if I've included them here the primary focus is biographical information of that named star.

All include original research and in many cases correct some of the older biographical information you may find on your bookshelf that has naturally spread across the internet throughout its formative years.

By Cliff

By Guest Authors

In the early days of the site, when it was hosted at, I published a monthly (sometimes bi-montly) newsletter that included articles by freelance writers. As you can see below Tammy Stone and Susan M. Kelly were my most regular contributors. All of those archived posts, published 2002-2009 are located below.

While I'm trying to move all of these biographies over to the Immortal Ephemera site, I've found this to be a much more time consuming task than originally anticipated. So at this time most of these biographies will take you off Immortal Ephemera proper to their old things-and-other-stuff home, but each will include a large link at the top to get you back to Immortal Ephemera.

Plenty of good work here, enjoy: