1938 Ogden’s Actors Natural & Character Studies Tobacco Cards

Neat card with two colorful images on front, one of the actor or actress as they naturally look, and one as shown in character as per the title of the set.

50 card set issued out of Britain by Ogden's, a branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company.

Each card measures approximately 1-3/8" X 2-5/8"

The set is very British in composition. At first glance I believe everybody in the set except W.C. Fields was born somewhere in the United Kingdom, and Fields is shown in the very British Dickens classic David Copperfield.

1938 Ogden's Actors Natural & Character Studies Tobacco Cards

The following gallery includes images of the front and back of all 50 cards from the 1938 Ogden's Actors Natural & Character Studies set of tobacco cards. Text checklist follows below.

Just click on any image to open to full size and from there you can scroll through them all.

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1938 Ogden's Actors Natural & Character Studies Tobacco Cards

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1 - George Arliss as the Duke of Wellington in The Iron Duke
2 - Elisabeth Bergner as Rosalind in As You Like It
3 - Douglas Byng as Queen Elizabeth in cabaret
4 - Edward Chapman as Jess Oakroyd in The Good Companions
5 - Mary Clare as Jane Marryot in Cavalcade
6 - Fay Compton as Ophelia in Hamlet
7 - Cicely Courtneidge in a scene from The House that Jack Built
8 - Laura Cowie as Anna Vraka in Ride a Cock Horse
9 - Florence Desmond as Elisabeth Bergner
10 - Edith Evans as the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet
11 - Maurice Evans as King Richard in Richard II
12 - Barbara Everest as Queen Anne in Viceroy Sarah
13 - Gracie Fields as a charwoman in music-hall sketch
14 - W.C. Fields as Wilkins Macawber in David Copperfield
15 - Jean Forbes-Robertson as Peter Pan
16 - Carol Goodner as Sophy Raffety in He Was Born Gay
17 - Martyn Green as The Lord Chancellor in Iolanthe
18 - Louise Hampton as Madame Wang in Lady Precious Stream
19 - Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Garrick (in the part of Shylock) in Peg of Old Drury
20 - Robertson Hare as Herbert Holly in Aren't Men Beasts?
21 - Gordon Harker as Ernie in My Old Dutch
22 - Sir John Martin-Harvey as Sydney Carton in The Only Way
23 - Richard Hearne as Jimmy Forbes in Millions
24 - Leslie Henson as Maxie Mumm in Swing Along
25 - Sir Seymour Hicks as Scrooge in Scrooge
26 - Jack Hulbert in Sunshine Susie
27 - Boris Karloff as The Mummy in The Mummy
28 - Keneth Kent as Napoleon in Saint Helena
29 - Elsa Lanchester as Hendrickje Stoffels in Rembrandt
30 - Matheson Lang as Matathias in The Wandering Jew
31 - Charles Laughton as Rembrandt Van Ryn in Rembrandt
32 - Gertrude Lawrence as Doris Gow in Fumed Oak
33 - Evelyn Laye as Princess Anna Elisa in Paganini
34 - Olga Lindo as Colley in Wise Tomorrow
35 - Ralph Lynn as Major Dyke in For Valour
36 - Lucie Mannheim as a Butcher's Wife in a Classic German Comedy
37 - Jessie Matthews as Harriet Green in Evergreen
38 - Ivor Novello as Lord George Hell in The Happy Hypocrite
39 - Merle Oberon as The Japanese Admiral's Wife in The Battle
40 - Laurence Olivier as Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night
41 - Nancy Price as the Grandmother in Whiteoaks
42 - Elsie Randolph as Joy Dean in That's a Good Girl
43 - Ralph Richardson as Emile Delbar in Promise
44 - George Robey as Sir John Falstaff in King Henry IV (Part One)
45 - Flora Robson as Mary Read in Mary Read
46 - Pamela Stanley as Queen Victoria in Victoria Regina
47 - Dame Marie Tempest as Empress Elizabeth in Little Catherine
48 - Ernest Thesiger as Doctor Marshall in A Sleeping Clergyman
49 - Dame Sybil Thorndike as Joan of Arc in Saint Joan
50 - Tom Walls as Doubleday in For Valour