1936 Gallaher Film Episodes Tobacco Cards

Common but nonetheless attractive colorful set of cards issued by Gallaher out of England in 1936.

Each card measures approximately 1-1/2" X 2-1/2".

Film title on front. On back film title as heading with description following naming the pictured stars as well as providing a brief synopsis.

48 card set.

1936 Gallaher Film Episodes Gallery

The following gallery includes images of all 48 cards from the 1936 Gallaher Film Episodes set of Tobacco Cards. Just click on any image to open to full size and from there you can scroll through them all.


Checklist of All 1936 Gallaher Film Episodes Tobacco Cards

1 - Jane Withers in Ginger
2 - Sally Eilers and Ray Milland in Alias Mary Dow
3 - Chester Morris and Joseph Calleia in Public Hero Number 1
4 - W.C. Fields and Mary Brian in The Memory Expert
5 - Shirley Temple and Joel McCrea in Our Little Girl
6 - Tom Walls and Veronica Rose in Stormy Weather
7 - David Jack Holt and May Robson in Age of Indiscretion
8 - Edmund Lowe and Claire Trevor in Black Sheep
9 - Edward Arnold and Binnie Barnes in Diamond Jim
10 - Lester Matthews and Irene Ware in The Raven
11 - Victor McLaglen and Margot Grahame in The Informer
12 - Robert Taylor and Jean Parker in Murder in the Fleet
13 - Anne Shirley and O.P. Heggie in Chasing Yesterday
14 - Will Rogers and Billie Burke in Doubting Thomas
15 - Paul Muni and Karen Morley in Black Fury
16 - Miriam Hopkins and G.P. Huntley, Jr. in Becky Sharp
17 - Kay Francis and George Brent in Stranded
18 - Grete Natzler and Patric Knowles in The Student's Romance
19 - Hugh Williams and Judy Gunn in The Last Journey
20 - Adolphe Menjou and Joan Blondell in Broadway Gondolier
21 - Loretta Young and Henry Wilcoxon in The Crusades
22 - Lionel Barrymore and Helen Mack in The Return of Peter Grimm
23 - ZaSu Pitts and Edward Everett Horton in Going Highbrow
24 - Lyle Talbot and Heather Angel in It Happened in New York
25 - Maureen O'Sullivan and Joel McCrea in Woman Wanted
26 - Robert Young and Madge Evans in Calm Yourself
27 - Warren William and Claire Dodd in The Case of the Curious Bride
28 - Mae West and Grant Withers in Goin' to Town
29 - Gordon Harker and Betty Balfour in Squibs
30 - Conrad Veidt and Noah Beery in King of the Damned
31 - Jackie Cooper and Mary Astor in Dinky
32 - William Powell and Ginger Rogers in Star of Midnight
33 - Rochelle Hudson and Shirley Temple in Curly-Top
34 - Katharine Hepburn and Fred MacMurray in Alice Adams
35 - Lyle Talbot and Ann Dvorak in Murder in the Clouds
36 - Ann Harding and Herbert Marshall in The Flame Within
37 - Katherine Alexander and Baby Jane in Alias Mary Dow
38 - James Cagney and Margaret Lindsay in G-Men
39 - Peter Lorre and Frances Drake in Hands of Orlac aka Mad Love
40 - Rebla and Mackenzie Ward in While Parents Sleep
41 - Barbara Stanwyck and Gene Raymond in The Woman in Red
42 - Ginger Rogers and Erik Rhodes in Top Hat
43 - Douglass Montgomery and Anita Louise in The Gay Lady
44 - Douglas Walton and James Barton in Captain Hurricane
45 - Anna Neagle in Peg of Old Drury
46 - Laurel and Hardy in Bonnie Scotland
47 - Chester Morris, Sally Eilers and Granville Bates in Pursuit
48 - Ida Lupino, Joseph Cawthorne and Pinky Tomlin in Smart Girl