1924 Movie Star Trading Cards (Script & Studio)

About these circa 1924 Movie Star Trading Cards

Anna Q NilssonDon't know too much here, but at least a few pieces of information came together to make this page.

Many of the names on our checklist below come courtesy of collector Bob Richardson, who adds, "I suspect these are 1920s candy inserts and likely distributed in the West as most of the ones I've purchased have been from California and thereabouts."

Bob also mentions their similarity to the W503 baseball set, itself confirmed as a candy issue most often found west of the Mississippi.

Those W503s were a 1922 issue. Differences include smaller size; card numbering on front. These movie star trading cards are a little larger and unnumbered.

Known details:

Blank backs - nothing to identify who issued these cards.

Each card measures approximately 2" X 3".

Black and white photos on front with wide white borders. Each name is printed on front in script with the film studio of many stars identified.

I listed the date as circa 1924, and they are at least pre-1925 as '24 was the year that Metro Pictures, cited several times in this grouping of trading cards, was merged into M-G-M.

Circa 1924 Movie Star Trading Card Gallery

Just click on any image to open to full size and from there you can scroll through all cards in the gallery. Some of these images are of partial cards, sorry, but that was how I received them. Checklist of known cards follows below the gallery.

Circa 1924 Movie Star Trading Card Checklist

Note: A work in progress ...

Beverly Bayne (Warner Bros.)
Helen Chadwick (Goldwyn)
Betty Compson (no studio)
Bebe Daniels (no studio listed)
Marion Davies (Cosmopolitan)
Priscilla Dean (Universal)
Dorothy Devore (Warner Bros.)
Richard Dix (Goldwyn)
Louise Fazenda (Warner Bros.)
Hope Hampton (no studio)
Walter Hiers (no studio)
Glen Hunter (no studio)
Buck Jones (no studio)
Jack W. Kerrigan (no studio)
Lila Lee (Paramount)
Bessie Love (Goldwyn)
Bert Lytell (Metro)
May McAvoy (Paramount)
Tom Moore (Paramount)
Patsy Ruth Miller (Goldwyn)
Mae Murray (Metro)
Conrad Nagel (Paramount)
Anna Q. Nillson (Paramount)
Marie Prevost (Warner Bros.)
Charles Ray (no studio)
Irene Rich (no studio)
Milton Sills (Paramount)
Gloria Swanson (Paramount)
Constance Talmadge (no studio)
Norma Talmadge (Jos. M. Schenck Prod.)
Rudolph Valentino (Paramount)
Virginia Valli (Sincerely Yours)
Lois Wilson (Hodkinson)

I'd love to hear from you if you can add any names, images or info to this page. Please email with whatever you may be able to contribute and feel free to attach scans of the missing cards for our gallery as well. Thank you!