1916 Cahill-Igoe Film Stars with Movie Theatre Schedules on Reverse

About the 1916 Cahill-Igoe Film Stars with Movie Theatre Schedule Cards

Mary Fuller 1916 Cahill-Igoe Movie CardEach card measures approximate 3-1/2" X 5-1/2", give or take an eighth of an inch either way.

Printed on card stock.

Portrait in oval frame with ornate decoration on front. A paragraph of current biographical text under image of film star.

Cahill-Igoe Company, Chicago noted as publishers near bottom border on front.

Some also carry text naming The Caplon Printing Co., of Richmond, VA near bottom border on back.

Some cards contain both the Cahill-Igoe and Caplon names. Some show one or the other.

The reverse side of the cards were likely issued blank with local movie theatre schedules added later.

Those I have feature weekly schedules of the Albion Theatre located at Third Street between Broad & Grace and the Theato (5th Street) Theatre found at the corner of 5th and Broad Streets. I was unable to pin down which city these theatres were located in, though since all cards were acquired at once I'd assume the two theatres were located in the same city.

All cards shown on this page were issued during late 1916-early 1917.

1916 Cahill-Igoe Film Stars with Movie Theatre Schedule Card Gallery

The following gallery includes images of the 40 Cahill-Igoe cards I have seen. Text checklist follows below.

Just click on any image to open to full size and from there you can scroll through each card in the gallery.

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1916 Cahill-Igoe Film Stars Checklist of Known Cards

King Baggot
Theda Bara - Not pictured in gallery above but found on this site
Bille Burke
Nell Craig
Grace Cunard
Viola Dana
Marie Doro
Pauline Frederick
Mary Fuller
Ella Hall
J. Warren Kerrigan
Cleo Madison
Mary Miles Minter - Not pictured in gallery above but found on this site
Anna Q. Nilsson
Ruth Roland
Marguerite Snow
Anita Stewart
Blanche Sweet
Pearl White
Crane Wilbur
Earl Williams
Kathlyn Williams

If you have any cards that I missed and you'd like to add to the checklist please email Cliff with images of your Cahill-Igoes and permission to use your images. Thank you!