1916 C93 Imperial Movie Star Tobacco Cards

From the Imperial Tobacco Company out of Canada each of the fifty cards in this set measures approximately 1-1/2" X 2-5/8". Blazing colors on front with a text description filling the back, number 21277 in the bottom border on reverse side of each card.

Troy Kirk's site dates these to 1916; a copy of Murray's from a few years ago dates 1925; Jefferson Burdick's American Card Catalog doesn't give a date but does identify them with the C93 ACC designation, the "C" standing for Canadian Tobacco Cards, the number including it in a section of cards which did not identify its maker, as these don't. Burdick also notes that the C93s are the same stars and poses as used in the American T82 set which according to Forbes & Mitchell's American Tobacco Cards were issued between 1915-1920. The American cards, that is the T82s, came with advertising on back for Athletic, Coupon, or Recruit brand cigarettes.

All 50 cards, both front and back, are shown in the following gallery ordered alphabetically by last name (same order as the checklist beneath the gallery).

At the time of the creation of this page I am/was offering the individual cards at auction on eBay.

Imperial Tobacco Cards Gallery

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Checklist of All Cards Shown in Gallery

Mary Anderson
Bessie Barriscale
George Beban
Carlyle Blackwell
Hobart Bosworth
Billie Burke
Marguerite Clark
Ethel Clayton
James Cruze
Grace Cunard
Marie Doro
Douglas Fairbanks (Sr.)
Dustin Farnum
William Farnum
Francis Ford
Mary Fuller
Dorothy Gish
Lillian Gish
William S. Hart
Helen Holmes
Thomas Ince
Jack Warren Kerrigan
Florence LaBadie
Harold Lockwood
Cleo Madison
Mae Marsh
Vivian Martin
Claire McDowell
Violet Mersereau
Muriel Ostriche
House Peters
Norma Phillips
Ruth Roland
Marin Sais
Anne Schaefer
Myrtle Stedman
Ruth Stonehouse
Edith Storey
Blanche Sweet
Mabel Taliaferro
Norma Talmadge
Mabel Trunnelle
Vivian Walker
Henry B. Walthall
Fannie Ward
Pearl White
Crane Wilbur
Earle Williams
Kathlyn Williams
Clara Kimball Young