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Errol Flynn – Early Adventures Through the Australian Press

Errol Flynn 1930s Aguila Chocolates Trading Card

This post intended to make for interesting reading alongside your copy of Flynn’s My Wicked, Wicked Ways. All clippings discovered through the National Library of Australia Trove archives. It’s a free site and highly recommended. All collectible images from my own archives. To continue reading about Errol Flynn’s earliest Hollywood movie appearances, see my review […]

“My Favorite Classic Movie” Blogathon: Employees’ Entrance (1933)

Warren William in Employees Entrance

The Classic Film and TV Cafe is hosting the “My Favorite Classic Movie” blogathon in celebration of “National Classic Movie Day,” May 16, 2015. The list of posts from other contributors is filled with major classics—I’m talking everything from Citizen Kane and City Lights to Lawrence of Arabia and The Leopard to The Wizard of […]

TCM Preview and Recommendations for May 2015

Helen Mack in Sweepings

TCM’s Star of the Month for May is Sterling Hayden and the Friday Night Spotlight is on Orson Welles. Strong picks, I like them both a lot, but most of their films are slightly outside our typical period of coverage. Highlights here include “Secretary Stories” on May 1, “Written by Lester Cohen” on May 5, […]

TCM Recommendations April 2015; Site News

Walter Huston

I know, why bother at all, right? I mean it’s April 6, why not just do the May preview? Because it’s Walter Huston’s birthday today and TCM is playing his movies throughout Monday morning and afternoon, that’s why! That said, this is going to be a short version of the preview. I really mean it […]

Review: Nobody’s Stooge: Ted Healy by Bill Cassara

Ted Healy in San Francisco

Nothing against The Three Stooges—I still lock them in any time I spot them while channel surfing—but they’re not the reason I requested a review copy of Nobody’s Stooge: Ted Healy by Bill Cassara. I was interested in this book for three reasons and they’re all about Healy: I wanted to learn about character actor […]

Freddie Bartholomew: An Informal Biography – eBook Now Available

Freddie Bartholomew An Informal Biography by Cliff Aliperti

Last weekend I released a new eBook for Kindle, Freddie Bartholomew: An Informal Biography. It’s available right now for just 99¢ on Amazon. Amazon makes a more universal reader freely available for anyone who doesn’t own a Kindle. Freddie Bartholomew: An Informal Biography is the latest major revision of the most popular post on the […]

Interview with Glenda Farrell Biographer Scott Allen Nollen

Glenda Farrell Hollywoods Hardboiled Dame by Scott Allen Nollen

It’s no coincidence that this is my third interview with Scott Allen Nollen on Immortal Ephemera. Besides just generally being a swell egg, Scott is one of the most prolific film book authors on the scene. I first talked to him in 2011 about his Boris Karloff biography, A Gentleman’s Life. He was back in […]

Real-Life Society ‘Honor Slaying’ Inspires Two 1932 Films

Edward Allen shoots Francis Donaldson III

“Historians might as well throw away their pens and become movie directors. For, providing the miles and miles of celluloid are saved for posterity, the boys and girls of 2032 will need no history books to acquaint them with the doings of this silly age.” — Kaspar Monahan, Pittsburgh Press, August 1932 Sarcasm noted, Mr. […]