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11 Pre Code Hollywood Movie Histories book

11 Pre-Code Hollywood Movie Histories: Early Depression-Era Melodramas, Adaptations, and Headline Stories Kindle eBook is now for sale. Includes two exclusive entries, For the Defense (1930) and Only Yesterday (1933). Articles about 11 pre-Code movies that variously look at source material, pre-production notes, casting changes, basic story and plot, the history behind any story elements unique to their time, brief biographies of key film players, and other relevant aspects of each film.

The Infinite Possibilities of Hemingway’s The Killers

Burt Lancaster in The Killers

Classic 1946 film noir The Killers is based on a story by Ernest Hemingway, but only for the first few minutes. Hemingway has nothing to do with the story after the Swede is killed. The later 1964 film adaptation proves how flexible Hemingway’s story is, as it spins a completely different movie out of the 1927 short story.