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The Old Newsletter - Back Issues

Between November 2002 and October 2008, back in the pre-Wordpress days of Immortal Ephemera, I sent out over 80 issues of a newsletter to opt-in subscribers. The newsletter, finally titled the Movie Profiles & Premiums Newsletter by the end, included links to all of the new and updated pages on the site since the previous issue and always included a biographical piece by freelance professional writers, most often Tammy Stone and Susan M. Kelly, two wonderful people to work with who never missed a deadline.

Immortal Ephemera has been in existence since 2002, but only on the WordPress platform since 2008. So if you click around enough you're bound to find old articles with as many as three different page designs as the bulk of the site was posted one page at a time by html. The job here, and it seems to be a life's work at this point, is to get all of those old articles converted to WordPress pages and posts--this matters in making the entire Immortal Ephemera site more cohesive and easier for you to navigate. Since the old Newsletter was more or less the hub of happenings back in those days I've decided to start with those.

I've tried to update links inside the Newsletter as best I possibly could. I haven't linked outdated material, but I haven't edited the original newsletters either. I've date-stamped each old issue with the original mailing date and you'll find them sorted below. This is a work in progress--it will be complete when the list ends with Volume 1, Number 1 of the Newsletter dated November 15, 2002 - until I reach that first issue you can find a list of everything on this old contents page. Once I complete the task that page will disappear.

Movie Profiles & Premiums Archives, 2002-2008

*Again, links to earlier issues not yet listed above dating back to 2002 can currently be found on the old index page.

I create and write all of the material posted to Immortal Ephemera today, so I'm no longer accepting freelance submissions, but if you'd like to be a guest blogger please do feel free to contact me. Payment these days is in a link and space on the site rather than monetary, but content is as good as ever!