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CliffLooking to sell your vintage movie cards and collectibles without doing a whole lot of work? I'm your guy.

Note: I am not buying magazine back issues at this time. Exception: Pre-1950 Movie Magazines.

I currently get a ton of direct email inquiries about items and collections for sale and I more often than not turn them down. I'll always reply though depending on my schedule it may not be until the weekend. If you're offering an item I'm interested in I will ask for some example scans or photos so I can A) Be sure of what you have and B) Have a better idea of condition.

What I'm looking for: Film stars only, trading and tobacco cards from the U.S. and around the world issued from the dawn of the Silent Age through the 1950's. Ephemeral items, ie: paper photos, supplements, premiums, issued during the same period. Press and wire photos. Movie magazines. Basically the type of item that you'll see throughout this site. Condition may vary from G or 3/10 right up to Mint. I'm not particularly interested in Movie Posters or Lobby Cards because those aren't items I'll typically handle. Flat, paper and cardboard, that's what I like!

What I'll pay: Fair wholesale value. I've been buying and selling collectibles of many varieties for over 25 years now and I can assure you I'm not out to give you the lowest possible offer, not at least on items I want. If you have a ton of common Gallaher tobacco cards, well, your offer might be a penny per card, that's the kind of stuff I have tons of already and have a hard enough time selling. But if I want the item I will make a strong offer. I've been buying and selling movie cards and collectibles online since 2002 (and other types of collectibles prior to that) and I pride myself on knowing this market.

All items are being bought to be resold however, so do not expect an offer of retail value, that's the value I need my customers to pay me. Again, fair wholesale value will be offered on items of interest.

What to expect: An email reply one way or the other, by the end of the following weekend. If I'm interested I'll ask for images. From there we will discuss price. If in agreement I'll then forward you my address with shipping instructions and prompt payment will be made upon receipt of goods in previously described condition. If the items arrive are not as described they will be returned at your cost, so it is worthwhile to describe condition to me as accurately as possible. The more sure I am of condition the stronger an offer I can make.

Please fill out the following form including your e-mail address and a description of what you have to offer: