Video Review – Kay Francis: I Can’t Wait to Be Forgotten by Scott O’Brien

Kay Francis gets the TCM birthday treatment all day today, January 13. Francis is featured throughout 14 hours or daytime programming, highlighted by the back to back early a.m. tandem of Jewel Robbery and One Way Passage. The entire schedule is below, but first I celebrate Kay Francis a little myself with a video review of Scott O'Brien's 2007 Francis biography, I Can’t Wait to Be Forgotten.

Just in case the video doesn't show up for subscribers here's the YouTube link.

Kay Francis TCM Birthday Schedule

Thursday, January 13, 2011 - All times EST

  • 6:00 am Guilty Hands (1931) starring Lionel Barrymore, Kay Francis, Madge Evans
  • 7:15 am Jewel Robbery (1932) starring William Powell, Kay Francis, Helen Vinson
  • 8:30 am One Way Passage (1932) starring William Powell, Kay Francis, Aline MacMahon
  • 9:45 am British Agent (1934) starring Leslie Howard, Kay Francis, William Gargan
  • 11:15 am The Goose and the Gander (1935) starring Kay Francis, George Brent, Genevieve Tobin
  • 12:30 pm First Lady (1937) starring Kay Francis, Preston Foster, Anita Louise
  • 2:00 pm Stolen Holiday (1937) starring Kay Francis, Claude Rains, Ian Hunter
  • 3:30 pm Women in the Wind (1939) starring Kay Francis, William Gargan, Victor Jory
  • 4:45 pm It's A Date (1940) starring Deanna Durbin, Kay Francis, Walter Pidgeon
  • 6:30 pm Play Girl (1940) starring Kay Francis, James Ellison, Mildred Coles

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