Wampas Baby Star Resource Page Posted to Immortal Ephemera

Joan Blondell 1930s Godfrey Phillips Beauties Tobacco Card

1931 Wampas Baby Star and Wampas' only Silver Trophy winner

Good morning,

Just a quick note to alert you to a new page on the site, Wampas Baby Stars of 1922 - 1934 with Photos of Each Class, which posted yesterday.

I didn't want to weigh down your inbox with this media heavy post -- it includes group shots of all Wampas classes (some oversized) as well as multiple video embeds (one of which is a feature length movie!).

Plus I've made full use of available space to include an alphabetical list of all Wampas Baby Stars in the rightmost column, or sidebar, of that page.

It occurred to me the other night as I wrote my Mary Carlisle birthday tribute that I keep mentioning over and over again that "so and so was a Wampas Baby Star."

Clara Bow vintage 1930s real photo postcard

Wampas Baby Star of 1924

Well, what's that and who were they?

Now that I've got my Wampas Resource page up I'm going to go back to past articles and posts and link over to it whenever I make the obscure Wampas mention. That way new readers won't have to open up another screen and chase over to Wikipedia to figure out the potentially strange acronym.

And if you already know exactly who and what the Wampas Baby Stars were, well, I'm still hoping that the new page will serve you well in a pinch too!

It's a finished page in its current form, but I may do some more tinkering--some of the group photos are a little grainy, so I was thinking perhaps some movie card galleries might make for icing on the cake.

Once more, the new Wampas Baby Stars page on Immortal Ephemera: http://immortalephemera.com/wampas-baby-stars/

Back again soon,

Joan Crawford 1930s BAT Modern Beauties Tobacco Card

Wampas Baby Star of 1926

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