TCM Remembers 2012 Video Honors Departed Movie Professionals

Just in case you jumped away from your TV too soon I wanted to be sure you were aware that TCM has now released the 2012 edition of their "TCM Remembers" video.

This annual TCM video montage presents a tasteful tribute to all of the film industry people who have passed away throughout the 2012 calendar year.

Unlike the similar annual presentation shown during the Academy Awards, TCM always manages to get this just right and never seems to leave anybody out. The videos have proved tremendously popular throughout the years.

Every year there's bound to be a jolt, whether from flawed memory or utter surprise, and I don't know about you, but my throat is always a little tight by the time we reach the end of the presentation.

The video features the song "Wait" by the French electronic band M83 and runs 5:37.

It will run on TCM throughout the rest of December into January - Catch it in between films.

It is embedded below:

TCM Remembers 2012 from SabotageFG on Vimeo.

For more about some of the classic movie stars who died this past year just click any of the following images to access the obituaries I posted to Immortal Ephemera throughout 2012.

Ann Rutherford 1930s 5x7 Fan Photo
Ann Rutherford - Posted June 14

Andy Griffith at the start of A Face in the Crowd
Andy Griffith - Posted July 3

Ernest Borgnine 1962 Volpe Oscar Portrait
Ernest Borgnine - Posted July 9

Celeste Holm 1951 Artisti del Cinema Trading Card
Celeste Holm - Posted July 17

Tony Martin 1936 R95 8x10 Linen Textured Photo
Tony Martin - Posted August 1


  1. Landgar says

    I was disappointed in this year’s TCM Remembers. It seemed to be more about the artsiness of the short, rather than about the people who passed. Shots of theatres and cameras, etc — way too long and too much. Clips/stills of people were instantaneous glimpses– way too short.

    • says

      I can see your point, though I was okay with how it balanced out myself. It would be a shame to see these clips become more about the the talent behind the clip rather than the talent being honored on it. A very fine line, sorry that they crossed it in your eyes. Still, beats the Oscars any day!

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