1935 Lipton’s Movie Star Stamps from Australia – Advertisement, Checklist

I ran into a couple of neat old ads tonight while seeking out information about the Girls' Mirror Star Stamps. I figured now was the time to share them or otherwise likely forget about them until the next time they came up!

First up, out of Australia comes this half-page Lipton advertisement from The Daily News out of Perth, August 15, 1935.

Lipton is running an interesting promotion based around a series of movie star stamps picturing Warner Brother stars. I've included images in various sizes because, as you're about to see, I couldn't capture a shot of the full ad in a size that made it legible:

1935 Lipton Movie Star Stamps full ad

The offer from Lipton's is explained in a series of four semi-complicated steps which lead to redemption of your stamps (scarcity!) in exchange for free seats at the movies.

First be sure that your grocer gives you a Warner Brothers stamp photo when you purchase Lipton tea. Next, head to the nearest movie theater mentioned in the ad and request a special card to which you'll affix your stamps. Once you stick six different stamps--no duplicates!--to the card, either bring it in person or (thankfully) mail your card to the offices of Movie Weekly, Ltd.

That earns you one free theater seat.

You also receive another card, this one with names on it by the empty squares, to fill for more free seats. This second ticket seems a bit more challenging as you have to match your stamps to the names on the new card.

Following is the main text of the ad over two separate scans--click either of these photos to enlarge and you should be able to read all of the details for yourself from there.

The top half also includes several black & white sample images of the stamps themselves. Pictured in those images, from top to bottom, are Kay Francis, Dick Powell, Dolores Del Rio, Joe E. Brown, Leslie Howard and Marion Davies:

Top half of Lipton Movie Star Stamp ad - Click to Enlarge

Bottom half of Lipton Movie Star Stamp ad - Click to Enlarge

Finally, here's an enlargement of the checklist:

1935 Lipton Warner Brother Movie Star Stamps Checklist
PS: Don't strain your eyes too badly, I've typed out the checklist just below.

I've never run across these. Maybe they were all redeemed for free seats at the theater!

Update: Several sample images have been donated by the Hoboken Historical Museum:

1935 Lipton's Warner Brothers Movie Star Stamps Checklist

Paul Muni
Dick Powell
Kay Francis
Glenda Farrell
Hugh Herbert
Ruby Keeler
Al Jolson
Jean Muir
Joan Blondell
Margaret Lindsay
Claire Dodd
Anita Louise
Josephine Hutchinson
Bette Davis
Veree Teasdale
Aline MacMahon
Guy Kibbee
Ann Dvorak
Mary Astor
Warren William
Genevieve Tobin
Leslie Howard
Dolores Del Rio
George Brent
Hobart Cavanagh
Patricia Ellis
Olivia de Havilland
Ricardo Cortez
Ross Alexander
Frank McHugh
Maxine Doyle
Lyle Talbot
Phil Regan
Pat O'Brien
Dorothy Tree
Ruth Donnelly
Edward G. Robinson
Joe E. Brown
Allen Jenkins
James Cagney
John Eldridge
Henry O'Neill
Dorothy Dare
Robert Barrat
Gordon Westcott
Donald Woods
Rudy Vallee
Joseph Cawthorn
Robert Donat
William Gargan
Marion Davies
Helen Morgan
Grant Mitchell
Phillip Reed

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