1930’s Era Vintage Greta Garbo Valentine’s Day Card

I picked this up over the summer with patient plans of waiting to offer it for sale when we got close to Valentine's Day. Of course I completely forgot about it. The only reason I'm sharing the image with you today instead of some time years in the future is because I luckily happened upon it towards the top of a pile of miscellaneous collectibles earlier today! (I love piles of miscellaneous collectibles!)

This Valentine dates to the mid-1930's. It stands 5-1/2 inches tall and is 4 inches wide at the base. On card stock, this vibrantly colored vintage die cut greeting card is a card within a card. Observe:

Greta Garbo Valentine

That's how this Valentine appears in its normal state, but Greta's "Ticket" folds open revealing a message more definitely identifying the figure as Garbo:

Greta Garbo Valentine Opened

You may not recognize me
In this GARB-O Valentine
But I have no GREAT-A wish
Than to win you for all mine.

A heart at the bottom right of the card carries the text "I Tank I Go Home" with "If you won't be my Valentine" underneath.

Beneath that text is a pre-scored area that's meant to be folded out as a stand.

The back is blank (mine has a message written on it).

No mention of manufacturer appears on this vintage greeting card, only the text in small type "Made in U.S.A."

Mine is currently at 5-day auction on eBay (Sold for $14.69), but it's a neat piece of ephemera I definitely wanted to highlight forever on the site.

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