Movie Profiles & Premiums Newsletter: Volume 4, Number 10. October 15, 2006

Welcome back to the Profiles & Premiums Newsletter!

Back again, hope you had a great month! Came across something new recently, and so created a Photo ID Guide featuring a set of 10 cards issued around 1917 from the Theatrical Advertising Company. What I found interesting about these cards was that despite the larger size there were many similar poses if you're familiar with the various Kromo Gravure sets of the same period.

I've added a list of the five most recent new and updated collectible Photo ID Guides to the left column of home page, so if you're ever looking for what's new in between issues that would be a good place to start.

Another place, of course, is the blog attached to this site. I mentioned over there recently the pleasant surprise I had while flipping through my tv channels one night--finally Turner Classic Movies has been added to my cable system! This could save me a fortune on DVDs, though at the same time I've noticed they don't seem to replay movies very often. You kind of have to catch it when it's on or you're out of luck. So, I may still have to pick up the new Legends of Horror Collection, because I had on a ballgame last Friday when they were playing a few of those classics.

By the way, another new feature on the home page is a feed showing the three latest postings to the Profiles & Premiums blog. This way you can see the latest news right on the front page.

I'm very close to opening up the new store, in fact I really hope to be live before the end of the month. I provided some screenshots of the basic look in the last issue of my magazine collecting newsletter--since this newsletter mails out in text rather than html I'll provide the link to those screenshots here. I've addressed the SSL issue mentioned in that newsletter, and am pretty much just tidying it up and adding products to the storefront at this time. While the store will be located at, it will contain a large and detailed movie collectibles section, where I hope to be able to list a bunch of items that just weren't cost-effective on eBay.

As promised last issue, Tammy Stone returns to us this issue, and once again graciously took a request. I went a slightly unusual route this time and asked her to cover Joan Crawford, a star far too huge to have been missed for this long on the site, but to do so from her silent perspective. I think this leads us to a little different look at Crawford than most other sites afford. And so, here it is:

Joan Crawford in The Silent Collection by Tammy Stone

That's all for now. Besides adding stock to the new storefront I'm going to be aggressively hunting down unusual movie collectibles to buy, so expect some new offerings for sale very soon. I'll be back again November 15 with a new issue of the Profiles & Premiums Newsletter, in the meantime have a great month!

Clifford Aliperti