UPS Delivers: Video Unboxing of the New Spencer Tracy Biography by James Curtis

Spencer Tracy 5x7 Fan PhotoAs I mentioned in my last post I had pre-ordered this one from Amazon and it arrived a little earlier today.

The book is Spencer Tracy: A Biography by James Curtis and while I've barely cracked the spine here's a pretty good reason to pick it up direct from the author on the very first page of his Acknowledgements:

As so much has been written about Spencer Tracy that is either careless, foolish, or downright malicious, there would be no valid reason to spend six years on a biography of him that merely culled the misinformation printed elsewhere. Finding the truth and nuance in a life as maligned as Tracy's wasn't easy, and it would have been impossible without the help of a great many people (xiii).

Curtis then requires 6 pages to thank those who've helped him out and it's an impressive list!

So UPS dropped this on my door earlier today, I thought it'd be neat to do an "Unboxing" video of the new book:

If you can't see the video click here to watch on YouTube.

Off to do some reading, thanks for watching!

Spencer Tracy: A Biography by James Curtis retails for $39.95 but you can currently pick up a copy on Amazon for $25.83.

Update: Raquelle of Out of the Past, who I mention in the above video, was kind enough to embed my video in her post I have a lot of reading to do, which spotlights several other new movie biographies.

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  1. says

    Aren’t you handsome! : ) What I wouldn’t give to have 5 minutes in that room to shop and grab whatever I can. Now that would be FUN! You’ve motivated me to get to reading. So many books, so little time. (I actually have that on a sweatshirt) I’ll be ordering the Spencer Tracy book, but most likely via Kindle since my eyes are tired.

    • says

      Thanks, Page! I don’t buy books in the online used book era the way I used to in the 90’s when I was a used book store junkie, but I’d still say probably 1 out of only every 3 or 4 will get read. Definitely have to prioritize, but after reading his W.C. Fields biography anything by James Curtis heads to the top of my list.

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