Photoplay Magazine Checklist, 1912-1940

Using Our Photoplay Magazine Checklist to Help Fill-In Your Collection

The Photoplay Magazines are sorted by date.

Norma Shearer on the cover of Photoplay MagazineThe list was collated from issues that I have handled, eBay listings (both active and completed), eBay Stores listings, abebooks listings, Froogle listings, Google Images, and your suggestions (especially those of Frank Alice, thank you!).

If you have either additions or corrections to this list please complete the form at the very bottom of this page and I'll update the Photoplay Magazine Checklist ASAP. My goal is to post as accurate and complete of a checklist as possible.

These are all U.S. editions.

Acknowledgements: A word of gratitude to the following collectors for submitting their own additions to the list: Frank Alice, Christine Dunagan, Dirk Jakobs (Hommage an Greta Garbo), Bruce Long

The Photoplay Magazine Checklist organizes the list by date. Following the date is the name of the star featured on the cover, and following the star's name is the name of the illustrator or photographer who created the cover art for that issue (when I could find this information).

Month-Year Star Cover Artist
Apr-12 Scene from "The Better Influence"  
Jun-12 Scene from "The Peril"  
Jul-12 Scene from "The Fall of Blackhawk"  
Aug-12 Scene from "Their Lives for Gold"  
Sep-12 Scene from "Queen Elizabeth" (Sarah Bernhardt)  
Oct-12 J. Warren Kerrigan  
Nov-12 Scene from "Guy Mannering"  
Dec-12 Scene from "The Star of Bethlehem"  
Jan-13 Scene from "The Return of Lady Linda"  
Feb-13 Scene from "Andrew Jackson"  
Jul-13 Edgena De Lespine  
Aug-13 The Kinemacolor Kids  
Sep-13 Vivian Rich - J. Warren Kerrigan  
Oct-13 King Baggot  
Nov-13 Elsie Alberts  
Dec-13 Children of the Photoplay  
Jan-14 Mary Pickford - Owen Moore  
Feb-14 Barbara Tennant / O.A.C. Lund  
Mar-14 Norma Phillips  
Apr-14 Kathlyn Williams  
May-14 J. Warren Kerrigan  
Jun-14 Margarita Fischer  
Jul-14 Francis X. Bushman  
Aug-14 Florence LaBadie  
Sep-14 Mary Pickford  
Oct-14 Pearl White  
Nov-14 Florence Lawrence  
Dec-14 Lillian & Dorothy Gish  
Jan-15 Winifred Kingston  
Feb-15 Beatriz Michelena  
Mar-15 Helen Holmes  
Apr-15 Blanche Sweet  
May-15 Clara Kimball Young  
Jun-15 Mary Fuller  
Jul-15 Mae Marsh  
Aug-15 Mabel Normand  
Sep-15 Anita Stewart  
Oct-15 Beverly Bayne  
Nov-15 Mary Pickford  
Dec-15 Geraldine Farrar  
Jan-16 Pearl White  
Feb-16 Marguerite Courtot  
Mar-16 Marguerite Clark  
Apr-16 Edna Mayo  
May-16 Gail Kane  
Jun-16 D.W. Griffith  
Jul-16 Mabel Normand  
Aug-16 Dorothy Bernard  
Sep-16 Edna Purviance  
Oct-16 Hazel Dawn  
Nov-16 Dorothy Kelly  
Dec-16 Marie Doro  
Jan-17 Naomi Childers  
Feb-17 Norma Talmadge  
Mar-17 Mary McLaren  
Apr-17 Ethel Clayton  
May-17 Theda Bara  
Jun-17 Pauline Frederick Neysa McMein
Jul-17 Emmy Wehlan  
Aug-17 Jackie Saunders  
Sep-17 Mae Marsh  
Oct-17 Alice Joyce * Neysa McMein
Nov-17 Mae Murray  
Dec-17 Billie Burke  
Jan-18 June Elvidge  
Feb-18 Alma Rubens  
Mar-18 Virginia Pearson Haskell Coffin
Apr-18 Elsie Ferguson  
May-18 Gail Kane  
Jun-18 Olive Tell  
Jul-18 Doris Kenyon  
Aug-18 Mabel Normand Haskell Coffin
Sep-18 Lila Lee  
Oct-18 Marguerite Clayton Haskell Coffin
Nov-18 Edith Storey  
Dec-18 Sylvia Breamer  
Jan-19 Marie Doro  
Feb-19 Geraldine Farrar  
Mar-19 Lina Calvalieri  
Apr-19 Marjorie Rambeau  
May-19 Billie Burke  
Jun-19 Constance Talmadge  
Jul-19 Dorothy Phillips A. Cheney Johnston
Aug-19 Alice Brady  
Sep-19 Mary Thurman  
Oct-19 Dorothy Dalton  
Nov-19 Lillian Gish  
Dec-19 Betty Compson  
Jan-20 Norma Talmadge  
Feb-20 Olive Thomas  
Mar-20 Alice Joyce  
Apr-20 Pearl White  
May-20 Clara Kimball Young  
Jun-20 Katherine MacDonald  
Jul-20 Martha Mansfield  
Aug-20 Mae Murray  
Sep-20 Constance Talmadge  
Oct-20 Mary Pickford  
Nov-20 Anna Q. Nilsson Ellis Parker Butler
Dec-20 Anita Stewart  
Jan-21 Mary Thurman  
Feb-21 Rubye de Remer  
Mar-21 Priscilla Dean  
Apr-21 Mary McLaren  
May-21 Dorothy Phillips  
Jun-21 June Caprice  
Jul-21 Gloria Swanson  
Aug-21 Bebe Daniels  
Sep-21 Betty Blythe  
Oct-21 Agnes Ayers  
Nov-21 Marion Davies  
Dec-21 Lillian Gish Rolf Armstrong
Jan-22 Corinne Griffith  
Feb-22 Lila Lee  
Mar-22 Olga Petrova Rolf Armstrong
Apr-22 Dorothy Gish  
May-22 Betty Compson J. Knowles Hare
Jun-22 Mabel Ballin Rolf Armstrong
Jul-22 Rudolph Valentino  
Aug-22 Madge Bellamy  
Sep-22 Alice Terry Rolf Armstrong
Oct-22 Alice Brady J. Knowles Hare
Nov-22 Colleen Moore  
Dec-22 Nita Naldi  
Jan-23 Douglas Fairbanks J. Knowles Hare
Feb-23 Pola Negri  
Mar-23 Claire Windsor J. Knowles Hare
Apr-23 Barbara LaMarr Tempest Inman
May-23 Lois Wilson J. Knowles Hare
Jun-23 May McAvoy J. Knowles Hare
Jul-23 Pauline Garon  
Aug-23 Marion Davies J. Knowles Hare
Sep-23 Eleanor Boardman J. Knowles Hare
Oct-23 Alla Nazimova Rolf Armstrong
Nov-23 May Allison J. Knowles Hare
Dec-23 Constance Talmadge J. Knowles Hare
Jan-24 Barbara LaMarr Hal Phyfe
Feb-24 Corinne Griffith J. Knowles Hare
Mar-24 Pola Negri Tempest Inman
Apr-24 Sylvia Breamer Hal Phyfe
May-24 Ramon Novarro Tempest Inman
Jun-24 Leatrice Joy Tempest Inman
Jul-24 Anna Q. Nilsson Hal Phyfe
Aug-24 Betty Compson Tempest Inman
Oct-24 Mary Philbin Tempest Inman
Nov-24 Jackie Coogan  
Dec-24 Lois Wilson  
Jan-25 Betty Bronson Frederick Duncan
Feb-25 Florence Vidor  
Mar-25 Bessie Love Tempest Inman
Apr-25 May Allison  
May-25 Norma Shearer  
Jun-25 Madeline Hurlock  
Jul-25 Greta Nissen  
Aug-25 Dorothy Gish  
Sep-25 Marie Prevost  
Oct-25 Esther Ralston Charles Sheldon
Nov-25 Bessie Love Tempest Inman
Dec-25 Georgia Hale  
Jan-26 Colleen Moore Livingston Geer
Feb-26 Bebe Daniels Livingston Geer
Mar-26 Gilda Gray  
Apr-26 Vilma Banky  
May-26 Leatrice Joy  
Jun-26 Lois Moran  
Jul-26 Dorothy Mackaill  
Aug-26 Doris Kenyon  
Sep-26 Marion Davies Carl Van Buskirk
Oct-26 Alice Joyce  
Nov-26 Renee Adoree  
Dec-26 Aileen Pringle  
Jan-27 Olive Borden  
Feb-27 Louise Brooks Carl Van Buskirk
Mar-27 Arlette Marchal  
Apr-27 Lois Wilson  
May-27 Mae Murray Charles Sheldon
Jun-27 Mary Brian  
Jul-27 Norma Talmadge Charles Sheldon
Aug-27 Olive Borden Charles Sheldon
Sep-27 May Allison Charles Sheldon
Oct-27 Dolores Costello Charles Sheldon
Nov-27 Jetta Goudal Charles Sheldon
Dec-27 Norma Talmadge  
Jan-28 Eleanor Boardman Charles Sheldon
Feb-28 Clara Bow Charles Sheldon
Mar-28 Mary Philbin Charles Sheldon
Apr-28 Esther Ralston Charles Sheldon
May-28 Greta Garbo Charles Sheldon
Jun-28 Marion Davies Charles Sheldon
Jul-28 Ruth Taylor  
Aug-28 Billie Dove Charles Sheldon
Sep-28 Gloria Swanson Charles Sheldon
Oct-28 Evelyn Brent Charles Sheldon
Nov-28 Corinne Griffith Charles Sheldon
Dec-28 Janet Gaynor  
Jan-29 Madge Bellamy Charles Sheldon
Feb-29 Estelle Taylor Charles Sheldon
Mar-29 Marion Davies  
Apr-29 Clara Bow  
May-29 June Collyer  
Jun-29 Olga Baclanova  
Jul-29 Bessie Love  
Aug-29 Greta Garbo Earl Christy
Sep-29 Nancy Carroll  
Oct-29 Anita Page Earl Christy
Nov-29 Janet Gaynor Earl Christy
Dec-29 Norma Talmadge  
Jan-30 Billie Dove Earl Christy
Feb-30 Ruth Chatterton Earl Christy
Mar-30 Joan Crawford Earl Christy
Apr-30 Norma Shearer Earl Christy
May-30 Mary Brian Earl Christy
Jun-30 Ann Harding Earl Christy
Jul-30 Jeanette MacDonald Earl Christy
Aug-30 Greta Garbo  
Sep-30 Joan Bennett Earl Christy
Oct-30 Bebe Daniels Earl Christy
Nov-30 Loretta Young  
Dec-30 Kay Francis Earl Christy
Jan-31 Billie Dove Earl Christy
Feb-31 Dorothy Mackaill Earl Christy
Mar-31 Constance Bennett Earl Christy
Apr-31 Janet Gaynor & Charles Farrell  
May-31 Marlene Dietrich Earl Christy
Jun-31 Dorothy Jordan Earl Christy
Jul-31 Claudette Colbert Earl Christy
Aug-31 Ann Harding Earl Christy
Sep-31 Barbara Stanwyck Earl Christy
Oct-31 Joan Crawford Earl Christy
Nov-31 Ina Claire Earl Christy
Dec-31 Jean Harlow Earl Christy
Jan-32 Greta Garbo & Clark Gable Earl Christy
Feb-32 Mary Astor Earl Christy
Mar-32 Miriam Hopkins Earl Christy
Apr-32 Norma Shearer Earl Christy
May-32 Sidney Fox  
Jun-32 Madge Evans  
Jul-32 Kay Francis  
Aug-32 Jean Harlow Earl Christy
Sep-32 Gary Cooper & Talullah Bankhead Earl Christy
Oct-32 Irene Dunne  
Nov-32 Joan Crawford Earl Christy
Dec-32 Janet Gaynor  
Jan-33 Greta Garbo  
Feb-33 Joan Bennett  
Mar-33 Claudette Colbert  
Apr-33 Norma Shearer Earl Christy
May-33 Nancy Carroll Earl Christy
Jun-33 Bette Davis  
Jul-33 Helen Hayes  
Aug-33 Katharine Hepburn  
Sep-33 Marion Davies Earl Christy
Oct-33 Ruby Keeler Earl Christy
Nov-33 Marlene Dietrich Earl Christy
Dec-33 Ann Harding Earl Christy
Jan-34 Joan Crawford  
Feb-34 Kay Francis Earl Christy
Mar-34 Norma Shearer Earl Christy
Apr-34 Katharine Hepburn Earl Christy
May-34 Claudette Colbert Earl Christy
Jun-34 Carole Lombard Earl Christy
Jul-34 Marion Davies Earl Christy
Aug-34 Janet Gaynor  
Sep-34 Dolores Del Rio  
Oct-34 Irene Dunne Earl Christy
Nov-34 Margaret Sullavan  
Dec-34 Greta Garbo Earl Christy
Jan-35 Shirley Temple  
Feb-35 Myrna Loy Earl Christy
Mar-35 Loretta Young Georgia Warren
Apr-35 Lillian Harvey1 Georgia Warren
May-35 Jean Harlow Georgia Warren
Jun-35 Irene Dunne Tchetchet
Jul-35 Joan Bennett Tchetchet
Aug-35 Kay Francis Tchetchet
Sep-35 Ann Harding Tchetchet
Oct-35 Joan Crawford Tchetchet
Nov-35 Carole Lombard Tchetchet
Dec-35 Loretta Young  
Jan-36 Norma Shearer  
Feb-36 Ginger Rogers  
Mar-36 Shirley Temple  
Apr-36 Joan Crawford  
May-36 Myrna Loy  
Jun-36 Marion Davies & Dick Powell Adolph Klein
Jul-36 Claudette Colbert JM Flagg
Aug-36 Bette Davis  
Sep-36 Katharine Hepburn JM Flagg
Oct-36 Norma Shearer JM Flagg
Nov-36 Carole Lombard JM Flagg
Dec-36 Shirley Temple JM Flagg
Jan-37 Ginger Rogers  
Feb-37 Joan Crawford JM Flagg
Mar-37 Jean Harlow  
Apr-37 Ginger Rogers  
May-37 Jean Harlow & Robert Taylor  
Jun-37 Shirley Temple  
Jul-37 Jeanette MacDonald  
Aug-37 Claudette Colbert  
Sep-37 Myrna Loy  
Oct-37 Joan Crawford **  
Nov-37 Shirley Temple  
Dec-37 Loretta Young  
Jan-38 Irene Dunne  
Feb-38 Ginger Rogers  
Mar-38 Sonja Henie  
Apr-38 Carole Lombard  
May-38 Shirley Temple  
Jun-38 Claudette Colbert  
Jul-38 Clark Gable  
Aug-38 Myrna Loy George Hurrell
Sep-38 Jeanette MacDonald  
Oct-38 Bette Davis  
Nov-38 Deanna Durbin  
Dec-38 Tyrone Power  
Jan-39 Hedy Lamarr  
Feb-39 Claudette Colbert  
Mar-39 Sonja Henie  
Apr-39 Norma Shearer  
May-39 Ginger Rogers  
Jun-39 Bette Davis  
Jul-39 Priscilla Lane  
Aug-39 Alice Faye  
Sep-39 Shirley Temple  
Oct-39 Gary Cooper  
Nov-39 Hedy Lamarr  
Dec-39 Myrna Loy  
Jan-40 Carole Lombard  
Feb-40 Clark Gable (as Rhett Butler)  
Mar-40 Olivia DeHavilland  
Apr-40 Tyrone Power  
May-40 Deanna Durbin Paul Hesse
Jun-40 Jeanette MacDonald  
Jul-40 Ann Sheridan  
Aug-40 Bette Davis  
Sep-40 Ginger Rogers  
Oct-40 Claudette Colbert Paul Hesse
Nov-40 Paulette Goddard  
Dec-40 Judy Garland Paul Hesse
Jan-41 Rosalind Russell  ***  

*Photoplay begins publishing full-sized issues with the October 1917 date. Prior to this the magazines were smaller than standard-sized.
**Photoplay combines with Movie Mirror and expands its size to something similar to LIFE or LOOK with the October 1937 issue.
***Photoplay returns to standard size with the January 1941 issue.

I hope that you have found the Photoplay Magazine Checklist helpful in some way. I intend to update the Checklist on a monthly basis, continuing until it is complete.

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John Kennedy Robert Kennedy as Children in September 1927 Photoplay Magazine
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