TCM’s Best Month – August 2011 TCM Summer Under the Stars

Joan Blondell 1939 Abdulla Tobacco Card

August 24

August always makes up for February for me. And while TCM may choose an occasional clunker of a Star of the Month they have 31 spins of the wheel each August so it's tough to screw up more than two or three days straight!

While I'll have to wait at least another year before TCM gives over a day to Warren William (at which time I'll throw a tantrum over the inevitably wrong movie choices) this August features many favorite Golden Age stars highlighted here by Ann Dvorak on August 9 and Joan Blondell on the 24th.

For those unfamiliar with TCM's Summer Under the Stars feature what happens every year is that each day in August is given over to one featured performer.We get 24 hours of movies, usually kicking off at about 6:00 am, each featuring that day's selected star. Unlike February's Oscar tribute, which is 31 days of mega-classics that you've typically already seen several times, August's Summer Under the Stars promotion always has a ton of hidden gems.

I'm going to use the month of August to cross-promote the rebooted site I created. The site is built around a custom Google search engine which is limited to only a few hundred classic movie sites and blogs, thus filtering out all the unrelated junk and spam sites that Google always throws in our way. Over the past couple of weeks I've been picking up on my Finding! at ClassicMovieSearch and am going to post a new Find! every day in August featuring TCM's selected star of the day.

If that Finding! stuff seemed hokey or confusing what I'm referring to is each new article created at the ClassicMovieSearch. I include a vintage collectible image of that day's subject and then I use the search engine itself to select three or four articles from around the web. See, an article written about Cary Grant (TCM's August 21 pick) in 2006 is going to be just as good, just as relevant today.

Anyway, I'm going to go Finding! each day based on the schedule below - it's TCM's August 2011 Summer Under the Stars schedule. I'll try to stay at least a day ahead so you can discover each days Find! before that day kicks off on TCM. Oh yes, each ClassicMovieSearch post will include that day's entire TCM schedule as well. Here's the ClassicMovieSearch feed in case you'd like to subscribe and receive each day's post via email or in your reader.

The schedule follows below. If a movie star's name itself is linked it leads to more information about that star already contained right here on Immortal Ephemera - this may be a Hub Page, Biography, or even an article about a movie if that star appeared in it. Likely in that order. I'll update this page daily and include a link to the latest ClassicMovieSearch Find! just to the right of the star's name.

Hope you enjoy!

August 2011 TCM Summer Under the Stars Schedule:

August 1 - Marlon Brando ..... Brando Found! at ClassicMovieSearch
August 2 - Paulette Goddard ..... Goddard Found!
August 3 - Bette Davis ..... Bette Davis Found!
August 4 - Ronald Colman ..... Colman Found!
August 5 - John Garfield ..... Garfield Found!
August 6 - Lucille Ball ..... Lucy Found!
August 7 - Charles Laughton ..... Laughton Found!
August 8 - Orson Welles ..... Welles Found!
August 9 - Ann Dvorak ..... Dvorak Found!
August 10 - Shirley MacLaine ..... MacLaine Found!
August 11 - Ben Johnson ..... Johnson Found!
August 12 - Claudette Colbert ..... Colbert Found!
August 13 - James Stewart .... Stewart Found!
August 14 - Ralph Bellamy ..... Bellamy Found!
August 15 - Lon Chaney ..... Chaney Sr. Found!
August 16 - Joanne Woodward ..... Woodward Found!
August 17 - Humphrey Bogart ..... Bogie Found!
August 18 - Jean Gabin ..... Gabin Found!
August 19 - Debbie Reynolds ..... Debbie Found!
August 20 - Montgomery Clift ..... Clift Found!
August 21 - Cary Grant ..... Grant Found!
August 22 - Joan Crawford
August 23 - Conrad Veidt
August 24 - Joan Blondell
August 25 - Burt Lancaster
August 26 - Peter Lawford
August 27 - Linda Darnell
August 28 - Carole Lombard
August 29 - Anne Francis
August 30 - Howard Keel
August 31 - Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich 1930s Garbety Tobacco Card

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