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Gloria Pall

Gloria Pall aka Voluptua

Seems a good night to send out some odds and ends.

I published my first article on Martin Codina's Fine Estate Sales site earlier today. Titled Is There a Mania to Collecting it's a brief riff on the sorting and ordering every collector obsesses over. I talk a little about my old days at the baseball card shows, collecting cards with my Dad, and how this mania translates over to Immortal Ephemera today through the constant grouping of my movie card and collectible galleries.

I really wanted to do a post celebrating the career of the recently deceased Googie Withers, but I just got too far behind after taking this weekend off. But Mercurie at A Shroud of Thoughts wrote a fantastic celebration of the life and career of Miss Withers. Check out: Actress Googie Withers Passes On.

I last wrote about Voluptua, the TV Love Goddess, for her 50th Anniversary, way back in 2004 (yes, I've been here that long, the design of that page should prove it!). Well, I received a recent email from Voluptua herself, Gloria Pall, pointing me over to a site called The House of Goddess which has named her Goddess of the Month for July 2011. Congratulations, Gloria!

Note: The House of Goddess site asks that you enter your date of birth on the home page--I can't vouch for the entire contents of the site but the Gloria Pall page is clean.

I'd promised a post sometime soon about The World Changes (1933) starring Paul Muni, but it won't be next. I've taken too many notes on Symphony of Six Million (1932) at this point for it not to be up next. Look for it soon!

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