Movie Profiles & Premiums Newsletter: Volume 5, Number 10. October 15, 2007

Welcome back to the Profiles & Premiums Newsletter!

This issue is packed with new and updated features, as well as a few other blasts to the past. First things first, I have 20 or so movie card auctions ending tonight (Friday the 19th), so if that's something you might be interested in you can see them and bid right here on eBay.

The site updates continue with the new header and footer being added to as many pages as I can find time to work on. I've yet to get to the home page redesign, but it's coming. I've been working on the Profiles and then, as you'll likely notice if you follow some of the links inside this newsletter, whichever Photo ID Guides I happen to edit or create along the way. Hopefully it's not taking too long to load on your pages (I count about 1 or 2 before it shows for me) because I think this drop-down menu will be especially valuable in getting around

Several items are mentioned as being updated below, but I've also got a couple to mention here. The Cliff's Classic DVD List page has been updated to include every title inside a special Amazon aStore right on the page -- this means if something strikes your fancy you can shop for it and purchase it right from Your purchase is actually being made through Amazon and is just as safe as shopping on itself. Of course I receive a small percentage from Amazon on any sales made out of the aStore. I've tried to arrange all of the titles chronologically, as they appear in the list itself, but this gets a little complicated when there's a box set involved. Still, I think it makes pretty good sense the way I set it up.

(Also, I've created Cliff's Horror DVD List, a new page that includes a second Amazon aStore featuring all of the horror DVD's that I own. Many more modern titles, certainly not for everyone, but if you like the scary stuff maybe you'll find something new for yourself on that page).

New and Updated Photo ID Guides

I was recently going through several boxes of stock searching for a magazine someone had bought from me off of eBay--this magazine had probably been listed for 3 or 4 years without selling, so it was almost as big a surprise that the issue was actually still listed as that it actually sold. When I found it, I also found a decent box of movie cards and collectibles that I had thought I had long since sold. These weren't listed anywhere for sale and hadn't been for a few years. So I updated and created a few Photo ID Guides and put up about 20 items at auction on eBay (they end tonight, October 19, so if you're seeing this in time please go here to bid. And here's a list of all of the new and updated Photo ID Guides:
# 1919 Home Mirror Satin Cinema Stars
# 1930s Caid Cigarette Cards
# 1930 J. Millhoff In the Public Eye Tobacco Cards
# 1933 Sarony Tobacco Cards
# 1948 Bowman Movie Star Cards
# 1950 Kwatta Large Premiums
# 1955 Masquerade Party Game

Also Updated: 1936 R95 Linen Premiums
23 New Images!

I was recently contacted by someone who had discovered a batch of Linen Photos when sorting through his grandmother's extensive collection of Hollywood collectibles. The e-mailer, Eric, was actually looking for information about this issue himself, but in the end Eric supplied us with an image of the envelope his grandmother had acquired the photos in, plus an additional 23 images of the Linen Premiums which were absent from the Photo ID Guide!

Many of these were familiar--I think I must have sold some a few years back before I thought to save the images. I've added all images to the Guide, arranged alphabetically. Here are the new names to look for:

Lew Ayres
John Boles
Bruce Cabot
Madeleine Carroll
Ronald Colman
Bette Davis
James Dunn
Madge Evans
Errol Flynn
Kay Francis
Clark Gable
Cary Grant
Katharine Hepburn*
Leslie Howard*
Buck Jones
Fred MacMurray
Pat O'Brien
Dick Powell
Ginger Rogers
Milton Sills
Barbara Stanwyck
Gloria Swanson
Fay Wray

* Both Hepburn and Howard were already included in the Guide, but Eric provided us with premiums from different movies than those we already had.

Go here to see them all!

Anita Stewart by Tammy Stone
The Silent Collection

In many ways, Anita Stewart stands as a beacon of what silent cinema was all about. She was radiant, talented, popular - and one of so many actresses whose luminescence had a chance to shine because the moving pictures could reach such a large number of people at the exact same time. Anita may not be the best known of the silent sirens, but this is perhaps because she did what she did so well: relate to her mass audience as a performer and entertainer as ubiquitously as the movies themselves. If films are unthinkable without their actors, the legacy of the golden era of cinema is unthinkable without Anita Stewart.

Read Tammy's entire Anita Stewart piece here --

Tammy Stone is a freelance writer and journalist based in Toronto. Watch for her regular column on the greats of the Silent Screen in each issue of The Movie Profiles and Premiums Newsletter. Tammy invites you to write her at with any questions or comments on her column.

Happy Halloween!
Looking back on profiles of Horror icons

Believe it or not this is the 71st issue of the Profiles & Premiums Newsletter published since Volume 1, Number 1 went out to a handful of people back on November 15, 2002.

Of course in that time we've sent out many profiles, sometimes way back when there were two or three per issue! Well, this time of year I know I always watch a few more horror movies than usual, so I thought that if you were in the mood for some reading you'd like to revisit some of our older profiles of stars primarily associated with horror films. Enjoy:
# Lon Chaney in The Silent Collection by Tammy Stone
# Boris Karloff by Susan M. Kelly
# Bela Lugosi by Susan M. Kelly
# Conrad Veidt in The Silent Collection by Tammy Stone

Plus several other Profiles of stars considered more mainstream who made more than their share of horror film appearances can be found by scanning our Contents Page.

Well, all of that should keep you busy!

Next month, Susan M. Kelly returns, I don't have her submission yet but I'm anticipating Part 2 of the Great Literary Detectives series she began last month with Margaret Rutherford.

I'm going to keep digging through that box I found and try to offer some more re-discovered Movie Cards and Collectibles, I think I also have a couple of auction winnings coming my way which will probably be listed on eBay as well.

Don't forget that is also loaded with Movie Cards & Collectibles. Much more stuff there than inside my eBay store actually, and that will continue to be the case.

Talk to you in November--

Clifford Aliperti